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Our Process

Our Process

Our Water Process:

  1. We begin with the local municipal water supply. This water is passed through a 1 micron filter to remove any debris.
  2. The filtered water is then passed through dual activated-carbon tanks. This removes the chlorine from the water.
  3. A dual-system water softener is then used to remove a large amount of excess minerals and hardness (calcium, magnesium, iron).
  4. We purify the water by running it through dual reverse-osmosis membranes. This step removes 98% to 99% of the remaining mineral in the water, leaving exceptionally clean and purified water.
  5. Once these steps are completed, the purified water is sent to storage tanks to await the bottling process.

Our Bottling Process:

  1. The 3 & 5 Gallon bottles are run through an industrial bottle washer that cleans and sanitizes the bottles using special detergents, scrubbers and ozonated rinse water.
  2. The purified water from the storage tanks is passed through another 1 micron filter to add “polish”. ¬†This ensures the water has a great taste.
  3. Polished water is pumped into an ozone holding tank. This step allows ozone to permeate the water and disinfect it. This assures that not only is the water exceptionally clean, but it is also completely safe from micro-organisms.
  4. The water is then injected with a small amount of our special mineral blend to give it a wonderful flavor.
  5. Our delicious water is pumped to the water filler heads of the bottling machine where it goes into the cleaned and sanitized bottles.
  6. The full bottles are capped inside the bottling machine and the finished bottles of water are sent down a conveyor to be date coded.
  7. The bottles are placed on water delivery racks to await loading on one of our delivery trucks.
  8. Our friendly and professional Route Sales Representatives deliver our great tasting water to your home or office!